And with Oblend, now every product is, too.

Oblend allows you to recommend precise, consistent cannabinoid + terpene formulations for your patients — and then adjust the formula based on patient-response feedback. No more guess work. No more one-size-fits-all products.

Give Patients Exactly What They Need.

Recommend blends for your patients. Track progres based on their feedback. Adjust formulations so that overtime, patients benefit from customized blends that are just right for their bodies.

No other product or system on the market creates customized blends on demand with this level of precision and consistency.

Precise + Consistent = Predictable.

Science now recognizes that terpenoids are as important as cannabinoids in the effective formulation of plant-based welness products. Tiny changes in terpene makeup can have a big impact on product effectiveness. Only Oblend provides the levels of dispensing precisionand consistency needed to truly personalize cannabis blends – one product at a time.

Here’s How Oblend Works for Your Practice:


Recommend a targeted, symptom-specific Oblend formulation for your patient using the Oblend Physician Portal.


Oblend creates the customized blend for your patient based on your recommendation.


The customized blend is direct-shipped - right to your patient’s doorstep.


Your patient provides individualized feedback based on the response to your recommended formulation.


Review your patient’s feedback via the Oblend Physician Portal.


Use your patient’s feedback to adjust and customize the formulation to improve effectivenes.


Track the patient experience over time using the Oblend Physician Portal.


Enjoy improved patient outcomes.

Why Oblend?

Precise + Consistent = Predictable.

Proven by science. Backed by research. Our proprietary formulations are developed by industry experts, including Dr. Ethan Russo — a world leader in cannabis medicine.

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Guaranteed Quality + Accuracy.

Oblend formulas are blended only from ingredients that meet the highest standards and undergo tests at independent labs to validate results, ensuring precision and consistency. Oblend cannabinoids are pure, clean and compliant with industry standards.

Join the oblend network of providers and industry thought leaders to share knowledge, advance science and improve patient outcomes.

Symptom-Specific Products

Cannabinoids can provide relief for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, depression, insomnia and other conditions. When combined with the right combination of terpenes, the entourage effect creates a targeted and amplified health benefit.

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Help your patients realize an unmatched level of health and well being
with customized Oblend products that meet their bodies’ exact needs.